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From long copy formats to a single word or a complete static visual based creative, advertisements have come a long way. The changing trends have been defining the industry’s marketing and advertising methods.

Take, for example, Gionee’s ‘Selfistaan’ TVC where Bollywood’s cute face Alia Bhatt is seen dancing around with a phone that excels at taking selfies. The entire campaign is based on the ‘selfie’ trend. Same can be said for so many other ads where the entire product positioning has been executed based on one single trend. That, our dear readers, is the importance of trends.

Whether the trend belongs to a specific audience, marketing channel, or has generally taken the center stage, keeping your tabs on it helps big time.

Following a trend doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play catch up with as many people as it may seem. Understanding the trend and applying it effectively to sell or promote or the brand is important.

A blind link-up of a product with any trend is doomed to failure. The biggest example for this is the Kurl-on mattress ad where they featured Malala getting shot. In an attempt to continue their ‘bounce-up’ campaign and keep up with the trending story of Malala Yousafzai’s survival against the Taliban, they accidentally ended up offending many and had to release an official apology. Sometimes trends backfire, thus one must thoroughly comprehend it.

We, at Litmus, understand the importance of trends. We have a team of energetic listeners who are on a constant look-out for what’s happening around. We believe in having fun with trends. We adapt, be it for a product or for ourselves. The recent Munna Bhai meme was going socially viral and we also jumped on the bandwagon—released a meme focusing on one small complication we often face. All our stakeholders enjoyed and had a healthy laugh.